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Peer-reviewed Papers

  • Manish Kumar, Keisuke Kuroda, Damia Barcelo, HiroakiFurumai (2022) Monsoon dilutes the concurrence but increases the correlation of viruses and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in the urban waters of Guwahati, India: The context of pandemic viruses, Science of The Total Environment, 813(20), 152282, 1-15.
  • Torii, S., Oishi, W., Zhu, Y., Thakali, O., Malla, B., Yu, Z., ... & Katayama, H. (2022) Comparison of five polyethylene glycol precipitation procedures for the RT-qPCR based recovery of murine hepatitis virus, bacteriophage phi6, and pepper mild mottle virus as a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 from wastewater, Science of The Total Environment, 807(2), 150722.
  • Ikuro Kasuga, Kyoka Nagasawa, Masato Suzuki, Futoshi Kurisu and Hiroaki Furumai (2022) High-Throughput Screening of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes and Their Association With Class 1 Integrons in Urban Rivers in Japan, Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 825372, 1-15.
  • Masaaki Kitajima, Michio Murakami, Ryo Iwamoto, Hiroyuki Katayama, Seiya Imoto (2022) COVID-19 wastewater surveillance implemented in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village, Journal of Travel Medicine, taac004.
  • 清水雅也, 菅谷 和寿, 古米 弘明 (2022) 標準活性汚泥による下水中の1,4-ジオキサンの除去に及ぼす影響要因, 下水道協会誌, 59(712), pp.76-85.
  • Shiela Marie Alfonso, Shinobu Kazama, Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Inequalities in access to and consumption of safely managed water due to socio-economic factors: Evidence from Quezon City, Philippines, Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, vol. 4, 100117.
  • Bisheng XU, Hiroaki FURUMAI and Yoshihiro SHIBUO (2021) EVALUATION OF STORMWATER RUNOFF REDUCTION BY GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE DURING SHORT-TERM HEAVY RAINFALLS, Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering), Vol. 77, No. 2, I_271-I_276.
  • Sachithra Imbulana, Kumiko Oguma and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Seasonal Variations in Groundwater Quality and Hydrogeochemistry in the Endemic Areas of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka, Water 2021, 13(23), 3356.
  • Tiasti Wening Purwandari, Shinobu Kazama, Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Water Consumption Analysis of Small Islands Supplied with Desalinated Water in Indonesia, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.77, No.7, III-129_140.
  • 澤田竜希・風間しのぶ・小熊久美子・滝沢智 (2021) ウェブスクレイピングによる世界の淡水化施設のデータベース化と開発途上国における海水淡水化施設の設置指標の検討, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.77, No.7, III_209-III_220.
  • 上原悠太郎・栗栖太・春日郁朗・古米弘明 (2021) 高分解能 LC/MS による河川水中溶存有機物の網羅的ノンターゲット分析のための試料前処理法, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.77, No.7, III_251-III_260.
  • 平野雅己・橋本崇史・藤村一良・片山浩之滝沢智 (2021) 浄水用中空糸ろ過膜の加速試験による実処理場での劣化再現性評価, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.77, No.7, III_329-III_338.
  • Lianhui Wu, Yoshimitsu Tajima, Hiroshi Sanuki, Yoshihiro Shibuo, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) A novel approach for determining integrated water discharge from the ground surface to trunk sewer networks for fast prediction of urban floods. Journal of Flood Risk Management, e12773.
  • Midori Yasui, Hikaru Iso, ShotaroTorii, Yasuhiro Matsui, Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Applicability of pepper mild mottle virus and cucumber green mottle mosaic virus as process indicators of enteric virus removal by membrane processes at a potable reuse facility, Water Research, 206, 117735.
  • 佐伯健, 古米弘明 (2021) 水道広域化による事業基盤強化効果の業務指標を用いた定量的評価, 水道協会雑誌, 90(10), 11-19.
  • Takashi Hashimoto and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Prediction of Membrane Failure in a Water Purification Plant Using Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process Models, Membranes, 11(11), 800 [Editor's Choice Article]
  • Nwe Nwe Zin, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Network Model Analysis of Residual Chlorine to Reduce Disinfection Byproducts in Water Supply Systems in Yangon City, Myanmar, Water, 13(20), 2921;
  • Vu Duc Canh, Shotaro Torii, Midori Yasui, Shigeru Kyuwa, Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Capsid integrity RT-qPCR for the selective detection of intact SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater, Science of The Total Environment, 791, 148342.
  • Shayma Albannay, Shinobu Kazama, Kumiko Oguma, Takashi Hashimoto and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Water Demand Management Based on Water Consumption Data Analysis in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Water, 13(20), 2827;
  • 伊藤 優一, 北村 隆光, 古米 弘明 (2021) 下水道事業におけるグリーンインフラ活用の現状と課題に関する考察, 下水道協会誌, 58(707), pp.64-76.
  • Hop V. Phan, Futoshi Kurisu, Koichiro Kiba, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Optimized Cultivation and Syntrophic Relationship of Anaerobic Benzene-Degrading Enrichment Cultures under Methanogenic Conditions. Microbes and environments, 36(3), ME21028, 11pages.
  • Chomphunut Poopipattana and Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Fate Evaluation of CSO-derived PPCPs and Escherichia coli in Tokyo Coastal Area after Rainfall Events by a Three-dimensional Water Quality Model, Journal of Water and Environment Technology, 19(4), pp.251-265.
  • Yoshiki Ishii, Nobuyuki Matubayasi, Go Watanabe, Takashi Kato, and Hitoshi Washizu (2021) Molecular insights on confined water in the nanochannels of self-assembled ionic liquid crystal, SCIENCE ADVANCES, 7(31), eabf0669.
  • Ikuro Kasuga, Hitomi Nakamura, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Characterization of microbial regrowth potential shaped by advanced drinking water treatment. H2Open Journal, 4(1), 157-166.
  • Benyapa Sawangjang, Phacharapol Induvesa, Aunnop Wongrueng, Chayakorn Pumas, Suraphong Wattanachira, Pharkphum Rakruam, Patiparn Punyapalakul, Satoshi Takizawa and Eakalak Khan (2021) Evaluation of Fluoride Adsorption Mechanism and Capacity of Different Types of Bone Char, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 18(13), 6878.
  • 橋本 隆生, 風間 しのぶ, 橋本 崇史, 小熊 久美子, 滝沢 智 (2021) 土地利用指標を用いた河川流域類型化による水質汚濁の特徴把握と下水道整備による水質改善効果の評価, 土木学会論文集G(環境), 77(2), p. 60-71.
  • Indrastuti, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Evaluation of Microbial Contamination of Groundwater under Different Topographic Conditions and Household Water Treatment Systems in Special Region of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia, Water, 13(12), 1673.
  • Arati Shrestha, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Influence of Service Levels and COVID-19 on Water Supply Inequalities of Community-Managed Service Providers in Nepal, Water, 13(10), 1349.
  • 北山 千鶴, 森田 健二, 福地 広識, 李 星愛, 古米 弘明 (2021) 糞便汚染指標を基にしたお台場海浜公園における海水浴予報システムの試行運用, 水環境学会誌 44(3), pp.59-68.
  • Syun-suke Kadoya, Hiroyuki Katayama & Daisuke Sano (2021) Virus Disinfection and Population Genetics: Toward the Control of Waterborne Virus Diseases by Water Engineering, Current Pollution Reports, 7, 407-416.
  • Vu Duc Canh, Seiichiro Tabata, Shun Yamanoi, Yoichi Onaka, Toshiyuki Yokoi, Hiroaki Furumai and Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Evaluation of Porous Carbon Adsorbents Made from Rice Husks for Virus Removal in Water, Water, 13, 1280.
  • Lohwacharin, J., Maliwan, T., Ozawa, H., Takizawa, S. (2021) Effects of ferrihydrite-impernated powdered activated carbon on phosphate removal and biofouling of ultrafiltration membrane, Water, 13(9), 1178.
  • Masaya SUGIURA, Hideshige TAKADA, Naohiko TAKADA, Kaoruko MIZUKAWA, Shumpei TSUYUKI, Hiroaki FURUMAI (2021) Microplastics in urban wastewater and estuarine water: Importance of street runoff, Environmental Monitoring and Contaminants Research, Vol.1, pp.54-65.
  • Wu, L., Taniguchi, K. and Tajima, Y. (2021) Impact of Climate Change on Flood Hazard at Airports on Pacific Islands: A Case Study of Faleolo International Airport, Samoa, Journal of Disaster Research, Vol.16, No.3, pp. 351-362.
  • (FY2020) Shotaro Torii, Fuminari Miura, Masae Itamochi, Kei Haga, Kazuhiko Katayama, and Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Impact of the heterogeneity in free chlorine, uv254, and ozone susceptibilities among coxsackievirus b5 on the prediction of the overall inactivation efficiency, Environ. Sci. Technol. 55, 3156-3164.
  • (FY2020) Nga Thi Nguyen, Miaomiao Liu, Hiroyuki Katayama, Taichiro Takemura, and Ikuro Kasuga (2020) Association of the colistin resistance gene mcr-1 with fecal pollution in water environments in Hanoi, Vietnam, Letters in Applied Microbiology, Vol.72, No.3, pp.275-282.

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  • Junya Uchida, Bartolome Soberats, Monika Gupta, and Takashi Kato (2022) Advanced Functional Liquid Crystals, Advanced Materials, 2109063, 1-33. [Hall of Fame]
  • 杉山琴美, 滝沢智 (2021) SDGs における水と衛生へのアクセス改善を通じた水不平等問題の解決, 水環境学会誌, 44(A) No.4, 102-105.

Invited Speech

  • Hiroyuki Katayama (2022) Molecular Detection of Viruses for Water Safety, 東京大学水環境工学研究センター・温州大学生命与環境科学院 国際水生態環境研究センター Seminar, Mar 21.
  • 滝沢智 (2022) 中東湾岸諸国における水需要の動向, 中東協力センター主催 中東水ビジネスセミナー, Feb 22, 明治記念館.
  • 栗栖太 (2021) 精密質量分析計を用いた未規制環境汚染物質の監視手法の開発, 第30回(2021年度)環境安全研究センターシンポジウム, Dec 23, Online.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) "Nanoporous Self-Organized Water-Treatment Membranes for Healthcare and Environment", International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, PACIFICHEM 2021, Pacifichem Symposium #196, December, Virtual.
  • 古米弘明 (2021) 持続可能な都市圏水利用システムに向けて, 東大水フォーラム [基調講演], Dec 8, Online.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) 新型コロナウイルスの下水疫学調査手法の開発, 東大精研会 ビジネス研究会, ポストコロナ社会の未来構想, Dec 7.
  • 加藤隆史 (2021) "液晶架橋ナノ構造を活用する自己組織化液晶水処理膜の構築", 高分子学会超分子研究会, 高分子学会精密ネットワークポリマー研究会 第5回合同講座, Nov 19, Online.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) 微生物測定は手間だが役に立つ, 第58回環境工学研究フォーラム, Nov 16-18, Online.
  • 滝沢智 (2021) 環境工学における機械学習応用の可能性と課題, 第58回環境工学研究フォーラム, Nov 16-18, Online.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) "Self-Organized Water-Treatment Polymer Membranes for Selective Ion Transport and High Virus Removal", Spotlights in Small Science, Wiley-VCH, Nov 8, Virtual Symposium.
  • Satoshi Takizawa (2021) Japan’s Experience on Water Supply Development(日本の水道普及の経験), 在スリランカ日本国大使館主催セミナーJapan’s Experiences on Water Supply Development, Oct 12, Online/Sri Lanka.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) ウイルス感染リスク管理と水に関わる社会基盤, 灘校土曜講座, Oct 9.
  • 栗栖太 (2021) 排水中・環境水中の有機物と微生物の理解に基づく制御を目指して, 土木学会環境工学委員会環境技術思想小委員会講演会, Sep 28, Online.
  • Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Toward Implementation of Wastewater-based Epidemio…, 復旦大学-医療ガバナンス研究所セミナー, Sep 3.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) 下水疫学調査によるウイルス測定とその活用方法の将来展望, 技術士会近畿本部上下水道部会講演, Sep 2.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) 新型コロナウイルスの下水疫学調査の社会実装に向けた動き, 医療ガバナンス研究所勉強会, Aug 19.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) "Liquid-Crystalline Materials for Energy, Water, and Healthcare", Symposium Advanced (Bio) Materials Derived from Mesophases The IUPAC / Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, August, Online.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) "Molecular Assemblies Forming Liquid-Crystalline Nanostructures for Energy, Environment, and Healthcare Functions", The 2021 International Conference on Modern Challenges in Polymer Science and Technology, July, Online/Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) "Self-Organized Polymers and Molecular Assembly for Water and Energy", The 7th Federation of Asian Polymer Societies International Polymer Congress, June, Online/Vladivostok, Russia.
  • 片山浩之 (2021) 下水ウイルスモニタリングの最新研究動向, かわさき市民アカデミー『SDGs時代の環境・みどり・防災』, May 25.
  • Takashi Kato (2021) Self-Organized Functional Polymers for Water, Energy, Healthcare, and Environment: Use of Liquid-Crystalline Nanostructures [基調講演], The 48th World Polymer Congress (IUPAC MACRO2020+), May 16-20, Online/Jeju Island, Korea.
  • 古米弘明(2021)気候変動適応に向けた戦略的な都市浸水管理, 東大EDGE-NEXT 第3回(防災), May 21, Online.
  • 古米弘明(2021)気候変動を踏まえた都市浸水対策と雨水の活用, 第二回気候変動と雨水活用シンポジウム「雨水活用の普及と基準や制度を考える」[基調講演], May 13, Online.

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International Conferences

  • Kanako Yamamoto, Hiroaki Furumai (2022) Microplastics abundance and chemical composition in sediments of stormwater runoff control facilities and in surrounding road dust, Plastic Pollution in Asian Waters – from Land to Ocean (PPAW2022), 4-5 Mar, Online.
  • Naoki Furuya, Hiroaki Furumai (2022) Detection of plastic litter on city streets using Near-infrared, red and green imagery captured by a digital camera, Plastic Pollution in Asian Waters – from Land to Ocean (PPAW2022), 4-5 Mar, Online. [Excellent Poster Presentation Award]
  • L. Wu, Y. Tajima, Y. Shibuo, H. Sanuki, H. Furumai (2022) A computationally efficient urban flood model with a novel approach for determining water discharge through complex drainage network, UDM 2022, Jan 10-12, Online/California, USA.
  • Benyapa SAWANGJANG, Satoshi TAKIZAWA (2021) Assessment of fluoride intake from drinking and rice soaking water in a fluoride contamination region of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online.
  • Midori Yasui, Hikaru Iso, Shotaro Torii, Yasuhiro Matsui, Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Virus Rejection by MF, UF and RO Measured at a Potable Reuse Facility, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online. [Best Poster Presentation Award]
  • Vu Duc Canh, Shotaro Torii, Midori Yasui, Shigeru Kyuwa, Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Detection of intact SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater in Japan using capsid integrity RT-qPCR, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online.
  • Chomphunut POOPIPATTANA, Hiroaki FURUMAI (2021) A model-based study on influence of tidal conditions on temporal changes in E. coli concentration at Odaiba seaside park after various rainfall events, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online.
  • Xinyue LIU, Futoshi KURISU, Kumiko OGUMA, Hiroaki FURUMAI (2021) Relationships between Structural Properties of Organic Compounds and Preferences for Radicals in UV/Cl2 Treatment, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online. [Best Poster Presentation Award]
  • Aishwarya Pandey, Futoshi Kurisu, Ikuro Kasuga, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Non-target screening to assess the effect of secondary treatment and chlorination on the organic micropollutants in effluent from domestic wastewater treatment plants, IFAWET-4, 10-11 Dec, Online.
  • Lianhui Wu, Yoshimitsu Tajima, Dai Yamazaki, Yoshihiro Shibuo, Hiroshi Sanuki, Mitsuhiro Nakashima, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Application of databank-based assimilation for development of real-time urban inundation prediction system, ICUD 2021, 25-28 Oct, Online.
  • Hiroaki Furumai, Yoshihiro Shibuo, Mitsuhiro Nakashima (2021) Real-time monitoring of water levels in a lowland drainage network in Yokohama and relationship between water level and rainfall characteristics, ICUD 2021, 25-28 Oct, Online.
  • Chomphunut Poopipattana, Motoaki Suzuki, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Evaluation of fecal contamination in Tokyo coastal area after CSO events and prevention of waterfront by aquatic filter barrier, ICUD 2021, 25-28 Oct, Online.
  • Iftita Rahmatika, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Dynamic changes of microbial communities from source to tap in chlorinated drinking water supply system, The 9th Microbial Ecology & Water Engineering Specialist Conference, 18-20 Oct, Online.
  • New New Zin, Shinobu Kazama, Satoshi TAKIZAWA (2021) Evaluation of Chlorine Disinfection System in Water Distribution Network of Yangon City, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online.
  • Shiela Marie ALFONSO, Shinobu Kazama, Satoshi TAKIZAWA (2021) Inequality in Access to and Consumption of Safely-Managed Water between Low and High Income Households in Quezon city, Philippines, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online.
  • Yalan GAN, Iftita RAHMATIKA, Ikuro KASUGA, Futoshi KURISU, Hiroaki FURUMAI (2021) Removal Efficiency of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in A Full-scale Drinking Water Treatment Plant, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online. [Best poster award]
  • Iftita Rahmatika, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu and Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Diversity of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Drinking Water in Premise Plumbing, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online. [Best poster award]
  • Chomphunut Poopipattana and Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Influence of Tidal Conditions on Temporal Change in E. coli Concentration at Odaiba Seaside Park after Rainfall Events: A Modlling-based Study, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online.
  • Xinyue LIU, Futoshi KURISU, Kumiko OGUMA and Hiroaki FURUMAI (2021) Optimization of Data Pre-processing Parameters for Non-target Screening Analysis Using Solutions with 57 Compounds, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online.
  • Aishwarya Pandey, Hayato Sugawa, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu and Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Target Screening Analysis of Emerging Contaminants items to be Surveyed in Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants, WET2021-online, 11-12 Aug, Online.
  • Chomphunut Poopipattana, Motoaki Suzuki, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Laboratory and modelling based studies to explain the fate of sewage markers in the Tokyo coastal area after rainfall events, IWA Digital World Water Congress, 24 May-4 Jun, Online.
  • Hamaguchi, K., Kuo, D., Liu, M., Torii, S., Ichikawa, R., Kajiyama, S., Sakamoto, T., Katayama, H., and Kato, T. (2021) Self-Organized 2D Nanostructured Virus Filtration Membranes Based on Smectic Liquid Crystals, The 48th World Polymer Congress IUPAC-MACRO2020+, May 16-20, Online/Jeju Island, Korea. [Short Talk Student Award]

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Domestic Conferences

  • The 102nd CSJ Annual Meeting, Mar 23-26 2022, Online.
  • The 56th Annual Conference of JSWE, Mar 16-18 2022, Online. Many
  • The 58th JSCE Environmental Engineering Research Forum, Nov 16-18 2021, Online. Many
  • The 57th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology, Oct 28-30 2021, Online/Kanagawa.
  • The 73rd SBJ Annual Meeting, Oct 27-29 2021, Online.
  • 11th CSJ Chemistry Festa 2021, Oct 19-21 2021, Online.
  • The 24th JSWE Symposium, Sep 14-15 2021, Online. Many
  • The 58th Japan Annual Technical Conference on Sewerage, Aug 17-19 2021, Online/Osaka.


  • 小室黎汰 (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太, 古米弘明) (2022) 第56回日本水環境学会年会, 優秀発表賞 (クリタ賞), 3月, Online.
  • 平野雅己 (指導教員 片山浩之, 滝沢智) (2022) 第56回日本水環境学会年会, 優秀発表賞 (クリタ賞), 3月, Online.
  • Takashi Kato (2022) Advanced Materials Hall of Fame, January.
  • Midori Yasui (指導教員 片山浩之) (2021) IFAWET-4, Best Poster Presentation Award, December, Online/Hong Kong.
  • Xinyue LIU (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太, 古米弘明) (2021) IFAWET-4, Best Poster Presentation Award, December, Online/Hong Kong.
  • 奧村万美[渋谷教育学園渋谷高等学校 高2] (指導教員 片山浩之) (2021) JSTグローバルサイエンスキャンパス(GSC) 優秀賞, 11月.
  • 森田健二(NPO法人海辺つくり研究会)・市橋拓弥(港区芝浦港南地区総合支所)・古米弘明 (2021) 第58回環境工学研究フォーラム, 優秀ポスター発表賞, 11月.
  • 小室黎汰 (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太, 古米弘明) (2021) 日本水処理生物学会第57回大会, ベストプレゼンテーション賞, 10月.
  • Yalan GAN (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太, 古米弘明) (2021) the Water and Environment Technology Conference Online2021, Excellent Presentation Award, August, Online.
  • Iftita RAHMATIKA (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太, 古米弘明) (2021) the Water and Environment Technology Conference Online2021, Excellent Presentation Award, August, Online.
  • Kazuma HAMAGUCHI (指導教員 加藤隆史) (2021) IUPAC-MACRO 2020+ Online Short Talk Student Award, May, Online/Jeju Island, Korea.
  • 加藤隆史 (2021) 紫綬褒章, 令和3年春の褒章発令, 4月.

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Other Articles & Media

  • [Press] 古米弘明 (2022) 社会と人に目を向けて-東京大学大学院 古米教授が最終講義-, 日本水道新聞, p.10, Mar 31.
  • [Press] 古米弘明 (2022) 学術成果をいかに社会に還元させるか-東大・古米教授 連携の意義を重ねて強調-, 水道産業新聞, p.3, Mar 31.
  • [Interview] 古米弘明 (2022) ”水道の明日”拓く知見への期待 (特集:令和3年度日本水道協会水道研究発表会), 日本水道新聞, p.2, Jan 27.
  • [Commentary] 栗栖太 (2022) 水質制御のための有機物分析・微生物分析への挑戦 (連載:環境技術思想-持続可能な社会に向かって), 月刊下水道,45(1),pp.97-101, 1月.
  • [Contribution] 滝沢智 (2021) 分野別低炭素化ではなく地域全体で-広い視野で従来システムの見直しを- (特集:令和4年新年号 第1部), 水道産業新聞, p.2, Jan 1.
  • [Contribution] 古米弘明 (2021) 対策の枠組みは行政界超えて評価-環境コミュニケーションの充実を- (特集:令和4年新年号 第1部), 水道産業新聞, p.3, Jan 1.
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