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2023.07.25 The Special Issue manuscript deadline has been extended to Dec 15th, 2023!
2023.01.04 Detailed information has been added to the Invitation to the Special Issue.
2022.12.19 Award for Asian Young Professional on Water Research has been updated.
2022.12.12 Programs and other details are uploaded. Enjoy the symposim starting tomorrow!
2022.11.21 Registration and Fee Payment was closed on the 20th. Thank you all!
2022.11.09 We have set up a special issue in Water. We welcome all full paper submissions.
2022.10.04 Registration and Fee Payment is finally open!
2022.10.01 Starting October 1, 2022 travelers entering Thailand are no longer required to show
Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 test result. All travelers can freely travel to Thailand.
2022.09.29 "Excellent Abstract Award with international travel support" has been awarded to
selected, young oral presenters.
2022.08.16 We received a large number of abstracts. Thank you all! Peer-review will begin soon.
2022.07.25 The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to August 15th!
2022.07.23 We have officially launched the Facebook page of SEAWE-13. Please like
and share the page.
2022.06.06 Call-for-abstract has started! The deadline is July 31st.
2022.06.02 The conference website has been launched.

Invitation to the 13th SEAWE


Prof. Takizawa Satoshi TAKIZAWA
Director, Professor
Research Center for Water
Environment Technology (RECWET)
The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
Prof. Thammarat Thammarat KOOTTATEP
School of Environment, Resources
and Development (SERD)
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

We are pleased to announce that 13th SEAWE will be held at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand from December 13th to 15th, 2022. This symposium is organized by Research Center for Water Environment Technology (RECWET) at the University of Tokyo (UTokyo, Japan), Southeast Asian Center for Water Environment Technology (SACWET), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand), in cooperation with National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan (NIES, Japan).

A series of International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment (SEAWE) has been successfully organized since 2003, gaining in more importance in Southeast Asia and the surrounding regions. These symposia attracted numbers of researchers, policy makers, NGO workers and graduate students to share invaluable knowledge on water environmental issues.

The purpose of this Symposium is to provide a forum for various participants to present their latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications on water environment issues. Interaction among participants will be also expected through attractive platform. In addition, an interesting technical tour is scheduled on the second day of symposium to promote intercommunion among participants and understanding of local situations of water environment.

We do hope that strong network or partnership with active local agents will be established through the symposium, which then creates another opportunity for collaboration. Contribution of young professionals is one of the important factors of the symposium. Since the 7th SEAWE, the Award for Asian Young Professional on Water Research has been established. The Award is given to distinguished young professionals who demonstrate the most outstanding and promising performance in the symposium.

On behalf of the committee, we would like to ask you to apply for oral presentations and disseminate this announcement to potential participants.

Co-Chair, Satoshi TAKIZAWA and Thammarat KOOTTATEP

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