Special Lectuer Series By Dr. Tamin Younos

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RECWET is pleased to inform you the series of special lectures by Dr. Tamim Younos. He is Senior Research Scientist & Associate Director, Virginia Water Resources Research Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is also an alumnus of our department. He will stay in our department from September 25 to October 12. Do not miss this precious chance to learn a lot!


Seminar 1 ; "The TMDL concept and its application to water quality management."
Date: September 28 (Friday)
Time: 13:00-143:0
Place: Rm.802 (Meeting room) in 14th bldg.

Seminar 2;"Drinking water supplies for isolated and remote communities."
Date: October 9 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:00-16:30
Place:Rm.802 (Meeting room) in 14th bldg.

Seminar 3; "Watershed management, protection, and Research in Virginia."
Date: October 12 (Friday)
Time: 1400-1530
Place:Rm.802 (Meeting room) in 14th bldg.