RECWET Special Seminar Series #49

Date and Time: 15:00-16:30, May 25 (Thur), 2023
Place: Lecture Room 144 (2nd floor, Engineering building 14)

'Novel polyfluorinated compounds in water and biosolids: implications for human exposure'

By: Dr. Jinxia Liu
Associate Professor; Associate Chair of Civil Engineering; Director of Brace Water Centre,
McGill University, Canada
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Three professors also participated in the lecture in addition to the group photo.

[From the Lecturer]
For the water-related theme, I will discuss PFAS that have been detected in drinking water, surface water, and biosolids. Our research has revealed that many more PFAS exist in water and biosolids (from wastewater treatment plants), mostly polyfluorinated structures. The levels of these substances can be high in select locations, but they are not monitored or considered in regulatory targets by environmental protection agencies. The newly identified structures have also proven to be very persistent compared to the ones being closely examined.

Kumiko Oguma
Associate Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering