RECWET Special Seminar Series #50

Date and Time: 10:00-11:30, June 1 (Thur), 2023
Place: Lecture Room 144 (2nd floor, Engineering building 14)

"Application of water quality models for environmental management"

By: Prof. Chia-Ling (Charlene) Chang / 張 嘉玲教授
Department of Water Resources Engineering and Conservation,
Feng Chia University, Taiwan / 台湾・逢甲大学
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[Lecture abstract]
How to get a balance between urban development and environmental protection is critical consideration in environmental impact assessment. Our research group applies environmental models on scientific analysis. The assessment results can be useful references for our government’s environmental policies. In the seminar speech, I would like to talk about the application of water environmental models for environmental management, particularly the application on environmental impact assessment.

Futoshi Kurisu
Professor, RECWET