ESC seminar #2023-1/RECWET Special Seminar Series #52

Date and Time: 10:30-12:00, July 13 (Thu), 2023
Place: Room 144 (2F, Eng 14th building)

'Research on emerging contaminants in water: What's next?'

By: Prof. Faisal Hai
Head of School,
School of Civil, Mining, Environmental and Architectural Engineering,
University of Wollongong, Australia
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[Lecture abstract]
From antibiotics to microplastics –the hazards associated with emerging contaminants have been well-documented. This presentation addresses some of the research gaps at the nexus of water quality, public health and ecology. A particular focus is given on the application of hybrid technologies, ultra-sensitive chromatographic analysis, molecular-microbiology, toxicity bioassays and mathematical modelling to elucidate the factors affecting the removal of the emerging contaminants from polluted water.

[Lecturer and his research]
Professor Hai is the director of the Strategic Water Infrastructure Lab (SWIL) and the coordinator of the 'Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Powerhouse’ of the University of Wollongong, Australia. He is an executive board member of the Membrane Society of Australasia. His work underpins protection of land and water resources from contamination and aims at fostering sustainable harnessing of bioresource and energy. SWIL conducts a broad spectrum of research and development consultancies, particularly covering topics such as wastewater treatment and reuse, resource recovery from waste(water), public health – water quality nexus, and mitigation of environmental impacts of industrial activities.

Fumiyuki Nakajima
Professor, Environmental Science Center, the University of Tokyo