Organized Symposium/Workshop

▼RECWET Symposium

Organized Symposium/Workshop (in English)

International workshop on DHS (Down-flow Hanging Sponge) technology and sanitation
- result of joint research and future perspective -
Organized by National Institute for Environmental Studeies, Japan (NIES) / Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) / RECWET / Kasetsart University, Thailand (KU)
(January 8, 2024)
Symposium "Cutting-edge Membrane Filtration Technology and Contribution to Solving Global Water Problems"
1 lecture is in English / 3 lectures are in Japanese
(August 9, 2023)
Sino-Japan Workshop on Water Quality Water Safety
Co-organized with RCEES, Chinese Academy of Science
(November 3, 2016)
RECWET Symposium "Behavior of micropollutants in urban water systems"
(November 26, 2015)
Workshop: Urban Water within a changing Globe
- Influence of Climate Change on Water Systems in Japan and Germany -
(October 31, 2013)
Associated Event Of The 4th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition
"Japan-Korea Special Workshop on Impact Assessment and Control of Combined Sewer Overflow"
(October 2, 2011)
RECWET&JS Joint owrkshop On CSO And Urban Runoff
(June 9, 2010)
International Symposium On New Aspects Of Environmental Biotechnology To Crean Up Contaminated Soil And Groundwater
Co-organized by CREST project of Japan Science and Technology Corporation
(September 12, 2001)

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RECWET Symposiums (1st - 14th)

The 14th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(March 17, 2012)
The 13th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(September 7, 2010)
The 12th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(Febrary 23, 2010)
The 11th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 2, 2008)
The 10th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 7, 2007)
The 9th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 14, 2006)
The 8th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(November 24, 2005)
The 7th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 15, 2004)
The 6th RECWET Symposium
"Special Lecture on Bioremediation of Groundwater Pollution"
(September 28, 2004)
The 5th RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 8, 2003)
The 4th RECWET Symposium
"Asian Water Environment: Current Status and Future"
(December 18, 2002)
The 3rd RECWET Symposium (in Japanese)
(December 17, 2001)
The 2nd RECWET Symposium
"Monitoring of Health Related Organisms and Risk Assessment"
(Septermber 17, 2001)
The 1st RECWET Symposium, Establishment Ceremony and Party
(September 25, 2000)

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