Behaviors of plasmid and host bacteria in nature

CRIIM Workshop

"Behaviors of plasmid and host bacteria in nature"

Time and Date: 14:00~16:50, 5th November, 2018

Place: Lecture room #1, Agriculture building #2



14:00~14:40 Barth F. Smets (DTU) “Transfer and long-term persistence of conjugal plasmids in microbial communities”

14:40~15:20 Haruo Suzuki (Keio University) “Predicting plasmid host range based on oligonucleotide composition”

15:30~16:10 Hideaki Nojiri (UTokyo) “Insensitivity to plasmids in some bacteria and its ecological role”

16:10~16:50 Masaki Shintani (Shizuoka University) “Behaviors of conjugative plasmids in different environmental conditions”