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Since the establishment in April 2000, we have been focusing on research and development of advanced water environment technology that can meet diverse social needs in an environment-oriented society, revolving around technology that utilizes the functions of microorganisms.
Also, with the aim of developing technology rooted in regional characteristics, we have been conducting research with various approaches by constructing a new technology system through collaboration and fusion with basic science such as microbial ecology and practical science such as water treatment engineering.
In July 2019, we reorganized the center to have three divisions. Through closer collaboration with more researchers in U-Tokyo than before, we promote a wider range of research and education related to water environment technology. As a research hub for water environment technology, we actively hold various symposiums and other events. More details

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[Publication] Presentation Award at SEAWE-13 (Dr. Tippawan) A RECWET project researcher Dr. Tippawan Shinghopon received "Award for Asian Young Professional on Water Research" at the 13th International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment (SEAWE-13).
[Lecture] Plenary speech at the international conference PPC17 (Prof. Kato) Prof. Takashi Kato (Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development Division) gave a plenary speech at the 17th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC17) held in Brisbane, Australia from 11th to 14th December.
Title: "Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: Molecular Technology for New Functionalization of Ordered Soft Materials"
[SEAWE-13] The international symposium started today! Today, SEAWE-13 opened at Asian Institute of Technology. From UTokyo, a total of 17 people, including RECWET members, are participating.
[Lecture] Keynote at JSCE Environmental Engineering Research Forum (Dr. Hashimoto) Assoc. Prof. Takashi Hashimoto (Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development Division) gave a keynote lecture "Healthiness of Membrane Filtration Water Purification System and its Monitoring" (in Japanese) at the peer-reviewed paper "Membrane Treatment" session.
[Event] Special Seminar Series #46 (Prof.Benito Marinas/Lecture) Prof. Benito J Marinas of the University of Illinois (Environmental Engineering), who is staying at Kyoto University as a visiting researcher, gave a special lecture on control of viruses in drinking water.
There were around 20 participants from universitires, research institutes and local governments on-site/online. Professor Benito answered many questions from young researchers in detail one by one.  Lecture abstract