RECWET booklet
(April 2023 edition)

Since the establishment in April 2000, we have been focusing on research and development of advanced water environment technology that can meet diverse social needs in an environment-oriented society, revolving around technology that utilizes the functions of microorganisms.
Also, with the aim of developing technology rooted in regional characteristics, we have been conducting research with various approaches by constructing a new technology system through collaboration and fusion with basic science such as microbial ecology and practical science such as water treatment engineering.
In July 2019, we reorganized the center to have three divisions. Through closer collaboration with more researchers in U-Tokyo than before, we promote a wider range of research and education related to water environment technology. As a research hub for water environment technology, we actively hold various symposiums and other events. More details

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[Event] Special Seminar Series #50 (Prof. Chia-Ling Chang/Lecture) Prof. Chia-Ling (Charlene) Chang of Feng Chia University, Taiwan gave a special lecture. She specializes in water environment planning and management. RECWET has accepted her as a visiting researcher (acceptance period: February to August 2023).
[Event] Special Seminar Series #49 (Dr. Jinxia Liu/Lecture) Assoc. Prof. Jinxia Liu of McGill University, Canada, who specializes in research on PFAS, gave a special lecture. She talked about PFAS (a general term for organic fluorine compounds), whose usage is becoming regulated worldwide, including examples from Canada and the United States.
[Event] Tokyo College Webinar by Dr. Tiraferri

Tokyo College will hold an online lecture "Increasing Freshwater Supply through Desalination Driven by Renewable Energy" by Associate Professor Alberto Tiraferri, Politecnico di Torino on June 13th.

Tokyo College Professor Tiraferri, who has come to UTokyo under Tokyo College's "Inviting distinguished researchers" program, specializes in water quality, management, and availability, and around the water-energy nexus. He will conduct research activities at RECWET from March to August 2023. Please join the webinar!

Lecture details & registration Official Poster(PDF)
Executive committee at upcoming international conferences (Profs. Takizawa, Kato, Katayama, Kurisu)

Prof. Hiroyuki Katayama:Program Committee, IWA 21st Symposium on Health-related Water Microbiology (WaterMicro23), Darwin, Jun 2023

Prof. Takashi Kato:Executive Committee, Grand Meeting MRM2023/IUMRS-ICA2023, Kyoto, Oct 2023

Prof. Satoshi Takizawa:Chairs and Scientific Programme Committee, 8th IWA Specialist Conference on Natural Organic Matter (NOM8), South Africa, Dec 2023

Prof. Futoshi Kurisu:Organizing Committee and Programme Committee, 13th IWA Micropol and Ecohazard Conference, Taipei, Jun 2024

[Publication] Recent papers by Prof. Kurisu ● Evaluated the removal status at the treatment plant, the concentration in the treated water, and the ecological risk of emerging contaminants discharged into rivers (Pandey, Kurisu et al.)
● Joint research with Thailand on changes in organic matter during coagulation/sedimentation and chlorine disinfection of water treatment (Prasert, Kurisu et al.)
● Detected unregulated pollutants in the Kiso Three Rivers using target screening analysis (Ogawa, Kurisu et al. Joint research with Gifu University etc, written in Japanese)
● Investigated regrowth of microorganisms and antimicrobial resistance in drinking water (Nguyen, Kurisu, Kasuga et al. Joint research with Dr. Kasuga, RECWET collaborative member)