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Since the establishment in April 2000, we have been focusing on research and development of advanced water environment technology that can meet diverse social needs in an environment-oriented society, revolving around technology that utilizes the functions of microorganisms.
Also, with the aim of developing technology rooted in regional characteristics, we have been conducting research with various approaches by constructing a new technology system through collaboration and fusion with basic science such as microbial ecology and practical science such as water treatment engineering.
In July 2019, we reorganized the center to have three divisions. Through closer collaboration with more researchers in U-Tokyo than before, we promote a wider range of research and education related to water environment technology. As a research hub for water environment technology, we actively hold various symposiums and other events. More details

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The latest information on the "The 4th International Forum on Asian Water Environment Technology: IFAWET-4" has been posted. The event is scheduled to be jointly held by RECWET and City University of Hong Kong from December 10 to 11, 2021.
Prof. Takashi Kato (Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development Division) gave an invited talk at three international conferences.
- August: Symposium Advanced (Bio) Materials Derived from Mesophases The IUPAC / Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, "Liquid-Crystalline Materials for Energy, Water, and Healthcare"
- July: The 2021 International Conference on Modern Challenges in Polymer Science and Technology, "Molecular Assemblies Forming Liquid-Crystalline Nanostructures for Energy, Environment, and Healthcare Functions"
- June: The 7th Federation of Asian Polymer Societies International Polymer Congress, "Self-Organized Polymers and Molecular Assembly for Water and Energy"
The original article by Dr. Chomphunut and Prof. Furumai was published in JWET. It's related to one of the research topics of Water System Management Division: Combined Sewer Overflows in rainfall events.
[Press Release from School of Engineering] Molecular insights on confined water in the nanochannels of self-assembled ionic liquid crystal
The article by Prof. Kato and researchers from other universities was published in Science Advances (AAAS) and an image of ionic nanochannels was selected as Online Cover.
An article from a collaborative research project by Chulalongkorn, Mahidol and Chiang Mai University from Thailand, U-Tokyo and University of Nevada has been published in Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. The first author is SAWANGJANG Benyapa, who received the doctorate in March 2020 under the guidance of Prof. Takizawa.