As of May 2022


TAKIZAWA Satoshi (Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering*)

Deputy Director

KATO Takashi (Professor, Dept. Chemistry and Biotechnology*)

Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development

Prof. Kato Prof. Katayama Dr. Hashimoto
KATO Takashi
Dept. Chemistry and Biotechnology*
Dept. Urban Engineering*
Associate Professor

Water System Management

Dr. Kurisu Prof. Tajima Dr. Yamazaki
KURISU Futoshi
TAJIMA Yoshimitsu
Dept. Civil Engineering*
Associate Professor
Institute of Industrial Science**

International Water Environment

Prof. Takizawa Prof. Syutsubo
Dept. Urban Engineering*
National Institute for
Environmental Studies, Japan***


Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. Tippawan SINGHOPON

Postdoctoral Researcher: Dr. SHINFUKU Yuta

Project Academic Specialist: FURUSHO Yuki

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* concurrent member / ** collaborative member / *** entrusted member

Related Programs

JICA Water Engineering and Utility Management for Future Leaders

TAKIZAWA Satoshi (Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering)

KAZAMA Shinobu (Project Assistant Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering)

Corporate Sponsored Research Program "Sewerage System Innovation"

TAKIZAWA Satoshi (Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering*)

KATOH Hiroyuki (Project Associate Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering)

Pham Viet Dung (Project Assistant Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering)

UT Water Forum

KATAYAMA Hiroyuki (Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering)

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Faculty Network in Water Research

Collaborative Members

NamePosition / AffiliationResearch Area
FUJITA Tsuyoshi Professor
Regional SDGs, Environmental system, Regional circular and ecological system, Urban industrial symbiosis
FUKUSHI Kensuke Professor
Hazardous material management, Risk management, Regional water environment management
HAYASHI Toru Assistant Professor
KASUGA Ikuro Associate Professor
Biological water treatment, Environmental microbiology, Water supply system
KATO Hiroyuki Project Associate Professor
Sewerage system, Water environmental policy and business, Sewerage resource utilization, Public-private partnership
KAZAMA Shinobu Project Assistant Professor
Environmental virology, Water environmental engineering, Environmental and sanitary engineering
KURISU Kiyo Associate Professor
Pro-environmental behavior, Climate change impact on Quality of Life, Low-carbon society, Risk communication
NAKAJIMA Fumiyuki Professor
Ecotoxicology, Urban drainage, Water quality control
NAKATANI Jun Assistant Professor
Life cycle assessment, Material flow analysis, Plastic recycling system
OGUMA Kumiko Associate Professor
Water treatment technologies, Water supply systems, Environmental microbiology
ONUKI Motoharu Associate Professor
Sutainability Science/Education; Resilience and sutainability against disaster, climate change and ageing/depopulation
Pham Viet Dung Project Assistant Professor
Sewerage system, Reuse of treated municipal wastewater resources in agriculture, Environmental risk assessment in agricultural systems
SATOH Hiroyasu Professor
Environmental microbiology, Environmental chemical analysis, Biological wastewater treatment
TOBINO Tomohiro Assistant Professor
Environmental microbiotechnology, Biological wastewater treatment, Microbial community analysis
*1 Dept. Urban Engineering, *2 Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, *3 Environmental Science Center, *4 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, *5 Institute for Future Initiatives

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Adjunct Members

OKI Taikan Professor Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering
CHIBANA Takeyoshi Associate Professor Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering
MIZOGUCHI Masaru Professor Department of Global Agricultural Science, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science

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Past (After the reorganization in July 2019)

Members of RECWET

FURUMAI Hiroaki Professor (-2022 March; RECWET)

ASAMI Mari Professor (-2021 March; RECWET)

Related Programs

Corporate Sponsored Research Program
   "Futuristic System for Urban Flood Risk Management and Control"(FY 2019-2021)

  FURUMAI Hiroaki (Professor, RECWET*)

  SHIBUO Yoshihiro (Project Associate Professor)

  HIROI Yu (Professor, Dept. Urban Engineering*)

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