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Peer-reviewed Papers

  • Dai Yue Tan, Takashi Hashimoto, Satoshi Takizawa (2023) 3D modeling of PVDF membrane aging using scanning electron microscope and OpenCV image analysis, Journal of Membrane Science, Vol.666, 121141.
  • Yasuyuki Takemura, Wilasinee Yoochatchaval, Tsuyoshi Danshita, Yuma Miyaoka, Masataka Aoki, Thao Tran P., Noriko Tomioka, Yoshitaka Ebie, Kazuaki Syutsubo (2022) A pilot-scale study of a down-flow hanging sponge reactor as a post-treatment for domestic wastewater treatment system at short hydraulic retention times, Journal of Water Process Engineering, vol.50, 103313, 1-8.
  • 珠坪一晃, 川上周司, 清水正明, 福山佳孝, 岡俊介, 椢原義則 (2022) し尿・浄化槽汚泥の下水道への受け入れと終末処理場の水質への影響評価, 用水と廃水, vol.64(11), 825-832.
  • Benyapa Sawangjang and Satoshi Takizawa (2023) Re-evaluating fluoride intake from food and drinking water: Effect of boiling and fluoride adsorption on food, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol 443, Part A, 130162.
  • Riza Taftazani, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Abstraction and Land Subsidence for Planning the Piped Water Supply in Jakarta, Indonesia, Water, 14(20), 3197.
  • Takashi Onodera, Yasuyuki Takemura, Masataka Aoki, Kazuaki Syutsubo (2022) Anaerobic reactor with a phase separator for enhancing sulfide removal from wastewater by gas stripping, Bioresource Technology Reports, 20, 101216.
  • Dina Urfanisa, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Evaluation of a Slum Upgrading Program for Improvement of Water Supply in Bandung City, Indonesia, Water, 14(19), 3025.
  • Yasuyuki Takemura, Masataka Aoki, Tsuyoshi Danshita, Akinori Iguchi, Shoji Ikeda, Yuma Miyaoka, Haruhiko Sumino, Kazuaki Syutsubo (2022) Effects of sulfate concentration on anaerobic treatment of wastewater containing monoethanolamine using an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 440, 129764, 1-9.
  • Masaaki Kitajima,Michio Murakami,Syun-suke Kadoya,Hiroki Ando,Tomohiro Kuroita,Hiroyuki Katayama,Seiya Imoto (2022) Association of SARS-CoV-2 Load in Wastewater With Reported COVID-19 Cases in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village From July to September 2021, JAMA Network Open, 5(8):e2226822.
  • Sinat Phea, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Performance Assessment for Increasing Connection Rates of Private Water Supply Operators in Cambodia, Water, 14(15), 2369.
  • Muzaffar Abbas, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Water Demand Estimation in Service Areas with Limited Numbers of Customer Meters—Case Study in Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Lahore, Pakistan, Water, 14(14), 2197.
  • Zhan Wu, Ying Zhang, Jiazheng Jiang, Jian Pu, Satoshi Takizawa, Li-an Hou, Yu Yang (2022) Insights into graphene oxide/ferrihydrite adsorption as pretreatment during ultrafiltration: Membrane fouling mitigation and disinfection by-product control, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 436, 129098, 1-11.
  • Shayma Al Bannay and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Decoupling of Water Production and Electricity Generation from GDP and Population in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries, Sustainability 2022, 14(9), 5386, 1-20.
  • Daniel Kuo, Takeshi Sakamoto, Shotaro Torii, Miaomiao Liu, Hiroyuki Katayama, and Takashi Kato (2022) Removal of Viruses from Their Cocktail Solution by Liquid-Crystalline Water-Treatment Membranes, Polymer Journal, 54(6), 821-825.
  • Vu Duc Canh, Miaomiao Liu, Jatuwat Sangsanont, Hiroyuki Katayama (2022) Capsid integrity detection of pathogenic viruses in waters: Recent progress and potential future applications, Science of The Total Environment, 827, 154258

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  • Yalan Gan, Iftita Rahmatika, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroaki Furumai, Dai Simazaki, Hanako Fukano, Yoshihiko Hoshino, Ikuro Kasuga (2022) The fate and risk of nontuberculous mycobacteria in the water supply system: a review, H2Open Journal, 5 (2), pp.180–197.
  • 寺田昭彦, 堀知行, 久保田健吾, 栗栖太, 春日郁朗, 金田一智規, 伊藤司 (2022) 水処理システムの微生物群の全容を診る解析技術の進展, 水環境学会誌, 45(3), 91-105.
  • Yuta Shinfuku, Hirokazu Takanashi, Tsunenori Nakajima, Ikuro Kasuga, Michihiro Akiba (2022) The Status Quo of Causal Substance Exploration for Fishy Odor in Raw Water for Taps, Journal of Water and Environment Technology, 22(2) pp.29-44.

Invited Speech

  • Takashi Kato (2022) Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: Molecular Technology for New Functionalization of Ordered Soft Materials, The 17th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC17) [Plenary Speech], Dec 15, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Kazuaki Syutsubo (2022) Development of appropriate decentralized domestic wastewater treatment technology, SEAWE-13 [Keynote Speech], Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • 橋本崇史 (2022) 膜ろ過浄水システムの健全性とそのモニタリング, 第59回環境工学研究フォーラム [基調講演], Nov 29, 盛岡市.

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International Conferences

  • Makito Sasano, Shinobu Kazama, Kumiko Oguma and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Public acceptance of potable reuse of reclaimed water using social network data, SEAWE-13, A-003, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Benyapa Sawangjang and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Fluoride intake ratios from drinking water and foods soaked or boiled in fluoride-containing water, SEAWE-13, A-004, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Mitria Widianingtias, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Potency of reclaimed water use in Bali island, Indonesia SEAWE-13, A-015, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Shekhar Khanal, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Changes in drinking water quality by Household Water Treatment and Storage practices in Kathmandu valley, SEAWE-13, A-020, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Tippawan Singhopon, Vu Duc Canh and Hiroyuki Katayama (2022) Virus removal throughout wastewater treatment plant by membrane bioreactor compared with activated sludge process, SEAWE-13, A-037, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand. [Award for Asian Young Professional on Water Research]
  • Jack Jia Xin Song, Kumiko Oguma and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Fluence rate modeling using ray tracing simulation for water disinfection reactors with ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, SEAWE-13, A-038, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Mami Watarai, Shinobu Kazama and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Innovative wastewater treatment technologies for municipalities with declining population— evaluation and potential application, SEAWE-13, A-043, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • Shunsuke Oka, Shinobu Kazama, Kumiko Oguma and Satoshi Takizawa (2022) Identification of fecal contamination source and enteric viruses in groundwater in the Special Region of Yogyakarta province, Indonesia, SEAWE-13, A-069, Dec 15, AIT, Thailand.
  • SHINFUKU Yuta, KURISU Futoshi et al.(2022) Exploration and Structural Elucidation of Biodegradable Organic Matters in Tap Water Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry, WET2022-online, 9-10 Jul, Online. [Excellent Presentation Award]
  • GAN Yalan, KURISU Futoshi, et al.(2022) Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Water Supply System in Japan, WET2022-online, 9-10 Jul, Online. [Excellent Presentation Award]
  • PANDEY, Aishwarya, Ikuro KASUGA, Hiroaki FURUMAI, and Futoshi KURISU (2022) Non-Target Screening to Study the Fate of Organic Micropollutants through the Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant, 12th IWA Micropol and ecohazard conference, June 6-10, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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Domestic Conferences

  • The 59th JSCE Environmental Engineering Research Forum, Nov29 - Dec1 2022, Morioka city.
  • The 25th JSWE Symposium, Sep 6-7 2022, U-Tokyo/Online.


  • Tippawan Singhopon (センター特任研究員, 指導教員 片山浩之) SEAWE-13, Award for Asian Young Professional on Water Research, 12月, Thailand
  • SHINFUKU Yuta (センター特任研究員, 指導教員 栗栖太) WET2022-online, Excellent Presentation Award, 7月, Online
  • GAN Yalan (RECWET指導教員 栗栖太) (2022) WET2022-online, Excellent Presentation Award, July, Online.

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Other Articles & Media

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