Travel information and Accomodation

1) Accommodation and Transportation Reservation
2) Other options of Transportation between Jakarta airport and Bandung
3) Local Transportation
4) Visa Application

1) Accommodation and Transportation Reservation
Reservation service for hotel and mini-van transportation between Jakarta
(Soekarno Hatta) airport and Bandung City (operated by CIPAGANTI TRAVEL)
is now open. Please check the following info for detail.
If you want to use this service, please fill out the following form and send it to
by Oct. 13.

Hotel & Transportation Reservation Form

a) Hotel Info

The Jayakarta Bandung Suite Hotel & Spa
 Location: Conference venue
Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
 Location: 5 minutes walk from the conference venue
Bumi Sawunggaling
 Location: 30 minutes by taxi from the conference venue
Hotel Santika Bandung
Location: 45 minutes by taxi from the conference venue

b) Mini-van Transportation Service (Recommended)
Mini-van service operated by ‘CIPAGANTI TRAVEL’ is the most convenient
way to reach Bandung, as vans will take you directly to the place of stay in
Bandung. The service time of CIPAGANTI TRAVEL departing the airport is
from 8 AM to 10 PM. It takes around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic
The fare per one person is Rp 150,000 when you use a share-ride van. You
have to obey travel schedule(every one hour). On the other hand, it will cost
around Rp. 950,000 when you charter the whole mini-van.

You can book this service in the above form.

Note: The Cipaganti Travel schedule from Bandung to Jakarta Airport is from
1 AM to 4 PM.

Please ask Ms. Rety Setyawaty() for details.

2) Other Options of Transportation between Jakarta
Airport to Bandung

a) Silver Bird Taxi (Bluebird Transportation company)
The price for one Taxi is around Rp. 800,000.

b) Bus Service

There is a bus service from Jakarta Airport to Bandung. The name of the bus
is "PRIMAJASA". It is more or less the same as "AIRPORT LIMOUSINE BUS".
The bus departs from airport, non-stop to Bandung. The "PRIMAJASA" counter
is located near Arrival gate. It will takes around 4 hours to reach Bandung, with
the cost Rp 75,000. The schedule is every 30 minutes started from 8 AM-12 PM.
The bus will stop at Bandung at "BANDUNG SUPERMALL" (east of Bandung,
it takes an hour and 30 minutes from conference venue).

Train Schedule

c) The combination between Taxi and Train
This one may be the least convenient choice. From Jakarta Airport we can take
Taxi to "GAMBIR TRAIN STATION". It will take around 1 hour without traffic jam.
From Gambir train station, we can take the train named "PARAHYANGAN or
ARGOGEDE" to Bandung train station. The train will take approx. 3 hours to
reach Bandung.

Please ask Ms. Rety Setyawaty() for details.

3) Local Transportation
a) Taxi
Most of the taxi in Bandung do not use meter except Blubird Taxi. You have to
negotiate for the fare. Contact Bluebird Taxi (+62 22 756 1234) directly or ask
the receptionist at your hotel to book Bluebird Taxi.

b) Mini van
The most popular public transportation service is mini van-type bus. They have
defined routes, and you can find the origin and destination in front of the bus.
It costs Rp 3,500 from the downtown to the conference venue (by ‘Dago’ line).
Route of mini van (public transportation) from the downtwn to the conference
venue is as follows:
Pungkur-Karapitan-Sunda-Banda-RE Martadinata-Ir.H.Juanda (conference venue)

Mini-van service is available between Sawung Galing Hotel (near ITB campus) to
Jayakarta hotel (conference venue) during the symposium

Please ask Ms. Rety Setyawaty() for details.

4) Visa Application
If you need any documents (ex. letter of invitation) for visa application, contact
Ms. Rety Setyawaty() in Bandung Institute of Technology,
at earliest occasion.

(updated on Sep. 9)