Development of well-balanced urban water use system adapted for climate


icon5 Research Groups

The distinctive feature of our project is its comprehensive and multiphasic approach to evaluate the urban water use systems. It consists of five different research groups such as A) Water Quality Assessment group, B) Watershed Water Resources group, C) Urban Rainwater Management and Use group, D) Urban Groundwater Management and Use group, and E) Urban Water Use Design group.

  1. Water Quality Assessment group develops and proposes a comprehensive method and a novel index to evaluate quality risk of surface water, rainwater, groundwater, and reclaimed water. The method is for “comprehensive risk of health-related microorganisms” in which infectivity or viability of pathogenic microorganisms including virus is incorporated in risk evaluation. The index is named as “water quality transformation potential” in which biological stability of water during storage and distribution is examined. These two indices are useful for allocation of water resources for each water use.
  2. Watershed Water Resources group conducts advanced hydrological simulations in watersheds to evaluate the influences of climate change on the availability (quantity and quality) of surface water and lake water.
  3. Urban Rainwater Management and Use group collects information on amount and quality of rainwater and runoff water and then discuss possible strategies of rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge by promoted infiltration.
  4. Urban Groundwater Management and Use group investigates the current status of groundwater quality and recharge mechanism. Additionally, this group develops an innovative treatment technology including arsenic removal to provide safe water.
  5. Urban Water Use Design group devises a totally systematic method for designing water use by evaluating environmental cost and user preferences. Through the designing process, information and knowledge on the various water resources are shown to water users utilizing the outcomes of above four groups.

Finally, we aim to develop “well-balanced urban water use systems” by integrating all achievements of the five research groups.