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(April 2023 edition)

Since the establishment in April 2000, we have been focusing on research and development of advanced water environment technology that can meet diverse social needs in an environment-oriented society, revolving around technology that utilizes the functions of microorganisms.
Also, with the aim of developing technology rooted in regional characteristics, we have been conducting research with various approaches by constructing a new technology system through collaboration and fusion with basic science such as microbial ecology and practical science such as water treatment engineering.
In July 2019, we reorganized the center to have three divisions. Through closer collaboration with more researchers in U-Tokyo than before, we promote a wider range of research and education related to water environment technology. As a research hub for water environment technology, we actively hold various symposiums and other events. More details

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Greetings from RECWET for the 5th term The 5th term of RECWET has started this fiscal year. Thank you very much for your support. We aim for further development in our 5th term. Thus, we ask for your continued support.
[Cooperated event] Hydrosphere Science Seminar #13 (Prof. Kawasaki/Lecture)

Led by Assoc. Prof. Dai Yamazaki (IIS/RECWET Collaborative member), Hydrosphere Environment Group (Dpt. Civil) has been holding monthly public online lectures Hydrosphere Science Seminar since FY 2023. RECWET also collaborates to co-sponsor the seminars, as research on basin water environment management by the Water System Management Division.

The seminar #13 will be given by Prof. Akiyoshi Kawasaki (Institute for Future Initiatives, UTokyo) from 15:00 April 8th (Mon). Please join us. Register here

Recruitment of a project researcher (International Wastewater-based Epidemiology Program)

The "International Wastewater-based Epidemiology" Corporate Sponsored Research Program established at RECWET is recruiting a Project Researcher. Click the details and application (JREC-IN Portal) or a PDF.

Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) utilizes the features of sewage infrastructure, where pathogens like viruses discharged from infected individuals accumulate in wastewater treatment plants. WBE provides a potent avenue for gathering public health data, facilitating early detection of disease outbreaks and comprehension of infection trends. Since its establishment in March 2024, the International Wastewater-based Epidemiology Program has been pioneering in the field of "wastewater-based epidemiology" and aiming to contribute to the establishment of resilient societies against infectious diseases through the implementation of WBE both domestically and internationally.
Appointed to "International Wastewater-based Epidemiology" Program (Drs. Kasuga & Liu) As of April 1st, Project Assoc. Prof. Ikuro KASUGA (concurrently) and Project Asst. Prof. Miaomiao LIU have been appointed to the "International Wastewater-based Epidemiology" Corporate Sponsored Research Program, RECWET. Member information
[Award] Selected as Top Downloaded Article (Prof. Kato)

A review paper "Advanced Functional Liquid Crystals" by Prof. Takashi Kato (Duputy Director/Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development Division) et al. has been selected as Top Downloaded Article in Advanced Materials in 2022.
Prof. Kato was invited as Advanced Materials Hall of Fame and published this review paper. It was selected for Inside Front Cover. Also the paper received the 2023 Best Paper Award (Category C) from the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society.