RECWET booklet
(April 2023 edition)

Since the establishment in April 2000, we have been focusing on research and development of advanced water environment technology that can meet diverse social needs in an environment-oriented society, revolving around technology that utilizes the functions of microorganisms.
Also, with the aim of developing technology rooted in regional characteristics, we have been conducting research with various approaches by constructing a new technology system through collaboration and fusion with basic science such as microbial ecology and practical science such as water treatment engineering.
In July 2019, we reorganized the center to have three divisions. Through closer collaboration with more researchers in U-Tokyo than before, we promote a wider range of research and education related to water environment technology. As a research hub for water environment technology, we actively hold various symposiums and other events. More details

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[Event] Special Seminar Series #54 (Dr.Iftita Rahmatika/Lecture) Dr. Iftita Rahmatika (Lecturer, Universitas Indonesia), who focuses on monitoring antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in developing countries, gave a special lecture. She has won many presentation awards (MEWE2019, WET2019, 2020, 2021) and paper awards.
Although it snowed the day before, we were able to hold the event without any problems.
[Event] Special Seminar Series #55 (Dr.Sara Beck/Lecture) Dr. Sara Beck (University of British Columbia), who is well known in the research field of water treatment using ultraviolet light, will give a special lecture on Feb 21. She has published many famous papers including the one cited by Japan Water Research Center’s Ultraviolet Device Technology Examination Standards. Please join us.
Project researcher recruitment (New Corporate Sponsored Research Program) RECWET is recruiting a Project Researcher for "International Wastewater-based Epidemiology" Corporate Sponsored Research Program, which will start in March 2024. Click the details and application (JREC-IN Portal) or a PDF.
[Event] Special Seminar Series #53 (Dr. Phanwatt Phungsai/Lecture) Assoc. Prof. Phanwatt Phungsai of Khon Kaen University, Thailand, who conducts research on dissolved organic matters in water treatment process, disinfection by-product, and new water treatment materials, gave a special lecture. There were so many questions and answers that we ran out of time.
Workshop in Thailand to report on the international joint research results Prof. Kazuaki Syutsubo (RECWET/NIES) and the joint research institutes held an international workshop on DHC technology and sanitation at Kasetsart University in Thailand on January 8th. There, the results to date were presented. We also discussed future technology implementation and wastewater standards with Thai government agencies. Details