The research center was reorganized in July 2019. We carry out the following activities for 5 years until 2023.

In order to promote water environment research and research on water infrastructure in super-smart societies based on international common goals such as SDG6 “Clean Water and Sanitation” and SDG11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, we promote cutting-edge research in a cross-disciplinary and agile manners on:

  • Development of water quality control technology and new material
  • Development of monitoring technology and management methods for trace pollutants
  • International water environment issues related to water and sanitation

Therefore, we reorganized the single division of water environment technology to three as research and education divisions related to water environment:

  •  Water Quality Control Technologies and Materials Development (details)
  •  Water System Management (details)
  •  International Water Environment (details)

For this new structure, several faculty members in other departments, mainly from School of Engineering, were concurrently appointed to the center. By enhancing the organizational function, we comprehensively promote water environment technology research.

To achieve the activities, we strengthen collaborative networks with U-Tokyo researchers in the field of water and promote joint research with water business and industry. Furthermore, we aim to become a core center in the field of water environment, such as making recommendations to water sector of Institute of Future Initiatives.