Meeting with ISU and ICHARM

Time and Date: 13:30 - 15:30 on 16th, Friday, November 2018

Place: Meeting Room in 2nd Floor, ICHARM



  1. Introduction of Isabela State U, our water research center and activities on climate change adaptation and disaster management in Phil. river basins in order for ICHARM to develop possible interest on sharing their expertise and other resources;
  2. Learn about ICHARM trainings, MS and PhD programs on disaster management and  the opportunities of sending students and faculty to avail on such educational programs;
  3. Receive orientation on ICHARM's Flood and related R&D programs, tools and softwares and possibility of adaption in the Philippines.



13:30 Opening

    • Mr. Sawano
    • Prof. Koike
    •  Representative of the visitors

13:40     Outline of ICHARM by Prof. Koike

14:00     Introduction of ISU

Prof. Balderama (ISU) "Water-related Hazards and Disaster Risk in Cagayan River Basin, Philippines"

14:30     ICHARM researches, training (MS & PhD) and discussion

    • Dr. Miyamoto
    • Dr. Tamakawa
    • Dr. Shrestha
    • Dr. Oohara
    • Dr. Shibuo

15:25 Closing



1) Prof. Orlando Balderama (Professor of College of Engineering at Isabela State University

  and visiting Professor at School of Engineering University of Tokyo)

2) Dr. Paul Villarete (AIT-structural engineering), City Administrator, Cebu City, Phil.

3) Dr. Danny Jaque (AIT-water resources engineering), President Hydrotech consulting, Inc, Cebu City.

4) Dr. Miaomiao Liu: (Post-doctoral fellow, Dept. of Urban Eng., UT)

5) Dr. Lee,SungAe: (Post-doctoral fellow, RECWET, UT)

6) Dr. Hop Phan: (Post-doctoral fellow, Dept. of Urban Eng., UT)

7) Mr. Jantarakasem Chotiwat:(Master-course student, Dept. of Urban Eng., UT)

8) Prof. Hiroaki Fururumai (Professor of RECWET, UT)

9) Mr. Kyuhyun Park:(Doctor-course student, Dept. of Urban Eng., UT)



1)    Prof. Toshio KOIKE

2)    Hisaya, SAWANO

3)    Yoshio, TOKUNAGA

4)    Dr. Miho Oohara

5)    Dr. Shrestha Badri Bhakta

6)    Dr. Mamoru Miyamoto

7)    Dr. Katsunori Tamakawa

8)    Dr. Yoshihiro Shibuo