査読付き論文/Peer reviered papers

  • Vu Duc Canh, Shotaro Torii, Hiroaki Furumai, and Hiroyuki Katayama (2021) Application of Capsid Integrity (RT-)qPCR to Assessing Occurrence of Intact Viruses in Surface Water and Tap Water in Japan, Water Research, Vol. 189, 116674.
  • Warangkana Na Phatthalung, Oramas Suttinun, Phanwatt Phungsai, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroaki Furumai, Charongpun Musikavong (2021) Non-target screening of dissolved organic matter in raw water, coagulated water, and chlorinated water by Orbitrap mass spectrometry, Chemosphere Vol 264, Part 2, 128437.
  • Phanwatt Phungsai, Futoshi Kurisu, Ikuro Kasuga, Hiroaki Furumai (2021) Changes in dissolved organic matter during water treatment by sequential solid-phase extraction and unknown screening analysis, Chemosphere Vol 263, 128278.
  • Ishii, Y., Kurisu, F., Kasuga, I. and Furumai, H. (2020) Competition for growth substrates in river water between Escherichia coli and indigenous bacteria illustrated by high resolution mass spectrometry, Letters in Applied Microbiology. (Version of Record online)
  • Vu Duc CANH, Hiroaki FURUMAI and Hiroyuki KATAYAMA (2020) EFFECT OF VIRAL GENOME PROPERTY ON THE EFFICIENCY OF VIABILITY (RT-)qPCR, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.76, No.7, III_189-III_196. New!
  • 鈴木元彬、Chomphunut POOPIPATTANA、古米弘明 (2020) 塩分と太陽光が下水由来の指標微生物の消長に及ぼす影響評価, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.76, No.7, III_411-III_421. New!
  • 山本可那子、古米弘明 (2020) 東京都区部における雨天時越流量を反映する特性値を用いた降雨の類型化, 土木学会論文集(G) Vol.76, No.7, III_535-III_542. New!
  • Sangsanont, J., Kurisu, F., Furumai, H., Katayama, H. (2020) Ozone disinfection kinetics of poliovirus 1 determined by cell culture assay, RT-qPCR and ethidium monoazide qPCR reduction in a continuous quench-flow reactor, Journal of Applied Microbiology, 129(6), pp.1530-1540.
  • Shotaro Torii, Hiroaki Furumai, Hiroyuki Katayama. (2020) Applicability of polyethylene glycol precipitation followed by acid guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from municipal wastewater, Science of the Total Environment, 143067.
  • Chomphunut Poopipattana, Motoaki Suzuki, Hiroaki Furumai. (2020) Impact of long-duration CSO events under different tidal change conditions on distribution of microbial indicators and PPCPs in Sumida river estuary of Tokyo Bay, Japan. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-14. (Published online)
  • Kasuga, I., Suzuki, M., Kurisu, F. and Furumai, H. (2020) Molecular-level characterization of biodegradable organic matter causing microbial regrowth in drinking water by non-target screening using Orbitrap mass spectrometry, Water Research 184, 116130.
  • 石井淑大, 栗栖太, 畠山準, 春日郁朗 and 古米弘明 (2020) 入間川へ流入する有機汚濁物質と浄水処理後の残留状況のノンターゲットスクリーニング分析. 環境科学会誌 33 (5), 79-89.
  • Jantarakasem, C., Kasuga, I., Kurisu, F. and Furumai, H. (2020) Temperature-Dependent Ammonium Removal Capacity of Biological Activated Carbon Used in a Full-Scale Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Environmental Science & Technology 54(20), 13257-13263.
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  • Kasuga, I., Yuthawong, V., Kurisu, F. and Furumai, H. (2020) Molecular-level Comparison of Dissolved Organic Matter in 11 Major Lakes in Japan by Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry. Water Supply 20(4): 1271-1280.
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  • Kumar, M., Furumai, H., Kasuga, I. and Kurisu, F. (2020) Metal partitioning and leaching vulnerability in soil, soakaway sediments, and road dust in the urban area of Japan. Chemosphere 252.
  • Inoue, K., Asami, T., Shibata, T., Furumai, H., Katayama, H. (2020) Spatial and temporal profiles of enteric viruses in the coastal waters of Tokyo Bay during and after a series of rainfall events. Science of The Total Environment, 727.
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  • Rahmatika, I., Kasuga, I., Kurisu, F. and Furumai, H. (2020) Impacts of organic matter migrating from pipe materials on microbial regrowth in drinking water. Journal of Water and Environment Technology, 18(1), 45-53.[WET Excellent Paper Award]

国際会議発表/International conferences

  • Chomphunut Poopipattana and Hiroaki Furumai (2020) Modelling the fate of CSO-derived PPCPs and E. coli in Tokyo coastal area after rainfall events and comparison with field measurements, Water Environment Technology Conference 2020, p.34. (7-8 November, Online) [Poster] [Best poster award]
  • Shotaro Torii, Hiroaki Furumai, and Hiroyuki Katayama (2020) Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA by polyethylene glycol precipitation followed by guanidium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction from municipal wastewater in Tokyo, Japan, Water and Environment Technology Conference 2020, p.48. (7-8 November, Online) [Poster] [Best poster award]
  • Iftita Rahmatika, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu and Hiroaki Furumai (2020) One-year monitoring of microbial regrowth and occurrence of opportunistic pathogens after stagnation in premise plumbing, Water Environment Technology Conference 2020, p.50. (7-8 November, Online) [Poster] [Best poster award]
  • Thi My Hanh VU and Ikuro Kasuga (2020) Transmission of colistin resistance gene from water to aquatic vegetables due to untreated wastewater reuse for irrigation in Hanoi, Vietnam, Water Environment Technology Conference 2020, p.55. (7-8 November, Online) [Poster] [Best poster award]

国内会議発表/Domestic conferences

  • 佐伯 健, 古米弘明(2020)水道広域化による事業基盤強化効果の業務指標を用いた評価の比較分析, 令和2年度水道研究発表会, pp.56-57. (11/18-20, 誌上発表)【口頭】New!
  • 小室黎汰, 春日郁朗, 栗栖 太, 古米弘明(2020)生物活性炭が持つアンモニア態窒素及びシュウ酸の容積除去能の評価, 令和2年度水道研究発表会, pp.250-251. (11/18-20, 誌上発表)【口頭】New!
  • 石井淑大、栗栖 太、春日郁朗、古米弘明(2020)河川水中に存在する未規制汚染物質の動態と浄水処理における消長のノンターゲットスクリーニング分析による評価/Dynamics of unregulated pollutants in rivers and their fate in drinking water treatment processes evaluated by non-target screening analysis,第23回日本水環境学会シンポジウム, p.311. (9/9-10, Online) 【口頭】
  • 古米弘明(2020)お台場海浜公園における海水浴予報のための降雨後糞便汚染予測データベースの構築,第57回下水道研究発表会講演集,pp.382-384. (8/18-20, 誌上発表) 【口頭】
  • 朴 奎炫,渋尾欣弘,古米弘明,片山順一,馬場真司(2020)無人航空機による高解像度画像を活用した排水区内の標高と排水路情報の取得,第57回下水道研究発表会講演集,pp.10-12. (8/18-20, 誌上発表) 【ポスター】
  • 石井 淑大,栗栖 太,春日 郁朗,古米 弘明(2020)荒川へ流入する未知汚染物質の高分解能LC/MSを用いたスクリーニング,第80回分析化学討論会. (5/23-24, 誌上発表)
  • 石井淑大,栗栖太,春日郁朗,古米弘明(2020)河川水中溶存有機物の高度浄水処理における消長の精密質量分析計を用いた評価,第68回質量分析総合討論会, p.152. (5/11-13, 誌上発表)
  • 鈴木元彬,Poopipattana Chomphunut,片山浩之,古米弘明(2020)台場周辺海域における太陽光と塩分による不活化を考慮した糞便指標微生物の挙動解析,第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表) 【クリタ賞】
  • 高橋 真,久保田健吾,栗栖 太,李 玉友(2020)精密質量分析を用いた下水処理における溶存有機物の動態解明,第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表)
  • Xie, L., Kurisu, F., Kasuga, I. and Furumai, H. (2020) A newly developed method with HPLC-Orbitrap MS for simultaneous analysis of items to be surveyed (Youchousa-koumoku) by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and its application to Ararakawa River, 第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表)
  • 石井淑大,栗栖 太,春日郁朗,古米弘明(2020)非意図的な処理水再利用のある入間川における溶存有機物の精密質量分析計を用いた追跡,第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表)
  • 島﨑 大,Jantarakasem Chotiwat,中川卓哉,春日郁朗(2020)浄水場の粒状活性炭ろ過槽から単離した従属栄養細菌のエンドトキシン産生特性,第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表)
  • 上原悠太郎,石井淑大,栗栖 太,古米弘明(2020)入間川の溶存有機物による大腸菌の増殖ポテンシャルと増殖基質のノンターゲット分析,第54回日本水環境学会年会. (3/16-18, 誌上発表) 【ライオン賞】

招待講演/Invited Speech

  • Hiroaki Furumai (2020) Digital transformation in water sectors in Japan, Topic: Water Sector Transformation 4.0, ASIAWATER 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT (30 November - 2 December 2020, Online) [Oral] New!

過去の業績/Past achievements