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【原著論文】Peer-reviewed papers

(2015年) 英9 和3

Futoshi Kurisu, Kaisai Zang, Ikuro Kasuga, Hiroaki Furumai, Osami Yagi (2015). Identification of estrone-degrading Betaproteobacteria in activated sludge by microautoradiography fluorescent in situ hybridization. Letters in Applied Microbiology 61: 28-35.

Rajendra Khanal, Hiroaki Furumai, and Fumiyuki Nakajima (2015) Characterization of toxicants in urban road dust by Toxicity Identification Evaluation using ostracod Heterocypris incongruens direct contact test, Science of the Total Environment, 530–531, pp.96–102 (DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.05.090)

Akihiko Hata, Hiroyuki Katayama, and Hiroaki Furumai (2015) Organic substances interfere with reverse transcription-quantitative PCR-based virus detection in water samples, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81(5), 1585-1593.

Niu, J., Kasuga, I., Kurisu, F., Furumai, H. and Shigeeda, T. (2015) Abundance and Diversity of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria on Granular Activated Carbon and Their Fates During Drinking Water Purification Process. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (in press).

Acharya, S., Kurisu, F., Kasuga, I. and Furumai, H. (2015) Chlorine Dose Determines Bacterial Community Structure of Subsequent Regrowth in Reclaimed Water. Journal of Water and Environment Technology (in press).

平松あい,山本大輔,栗栖聖,花木啓祐 (2015): 家庭科へのLCA的思考法導入に向けた教科書のテキスト分析, 日本LCA学会誌, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2-10.

吉岡 佐,栗栖 聖,花木啓祐 (2015): 江戸城外濠における水質改善施策のモデル評価と費用便益分析, 水環境学会誌, Vol.38, No.1, 9-21.

Jungchan Lee, Kiyo Kurisu, Kyoungjin An and Keisuke Hanaki (2015): Development of the Compact City Index and its Application to Japanese Cities, Urban Studies, Vol. 52, No. 6, 1054-1070.

Joana Portugal-Pereira, Jun Nakatan, Kiyo H. Kurisu and Keisuke Hanaki (2015): Comparative energy and environmental analysis of Jatropha bioelectricity versus biodiesel production in remote areas, Energy, online available.

伊達貴彦,栗栖聖,花木啓祐 (2015): 用途の異なる街区の組み合わせに対するスマートグリッド適用効果, 環境科学会誌, Vol.28, No.2, 126-142.

Lauho Lam,Kiyo Kurisu and Keisuke Hanaki (2015): Comparative environmental impacts of source-separation systems for domestic wastewater management in rural China, Journal of Cleaner Production, accepted.

Hyunsook Lee, Kiyo Kurisu, Keisuke Hanaki (2015): Effect of information provision on pro-environmental behaviors, Low Carbon Economy, accepted.


(2014年) 英11 和4

Toshikazu Fukushima, Hiroe Hara-Yamamura, Makoto Urai, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu, Taro Miyoshi, Katsuki Kimura, Yoshimasa Watanabe, Satoshi Okabe (2014) Toxicity assessment of chlorinated wastewater effluents by using transcriptome-based bioassays and Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (FT-MS) analysis, Water Research, Vol.52, pp.73-82.

Akihiko Hata, Hiroyuki Katayama, Keisuke Kojima, Shoichi Sano, Ikuro Kasuga, Masaaki Kitajima and Hiroaki Furumai (2014) Effects of rainfall events on the occurrence and detection efficiency of viruses in river water impacted by combined sewer overflows, Science of the Total Environment, 468, 757-763.

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Hiroki MASUMOTO, Futoshi KURISU, Ikuro KASUGA, Hiroaki FURUMAI (2014). Benzene and toluene biodegradation potential in methanogenic cultures established by feeding benzene, toluene and their mixture. Journal of Water and Environment Technology 12(2): 77-86.

Mana Noguchi, Futoshi Kurisu, Ikuro Kasuga, Hiroaki Furumai (2014). Time-Resolved DNA Stable Isotope Probing Links Desulfobacterales- and Coriobacteriaceae-Related Bacteria to Anaerobic Degradation of Benzene under Methanogenic Conditions. Microbes and Environments 29(2): 191-199.

J. Sangsanont, H. Katayama, F. Kurisu, H. Furumai (2014). Capsid-damaging effects of UV irradiation as measured by quantitative PCR coupled with ethidium monoazide treatment. Food and Environmental Virology 6: 269-275.

M. Urai, I. Kasuga, F. Kurisu, H. Furumai (2014). Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Various Urban Water by Using Orbitrap Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry. Water Science & Technology: Water Supply 14(4): 547-553.

春日郁朗, 尾崎奈緒, 栗栖太, 古米弘明, 重枝孝明 (2014). 高度浄水処理工程における細菌現存量のフローサイトメーターを用いた迅速評価. 水道協会雑誌 83(6): 2-15.

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綿貫健文, 栗栖太, 春日郁朗, 古米弘明 (2014). クロロエチレン類の脱塩素化において蓄積した塩化ビニルモノマーの脱塩素促進因子. 土木学会論文集G(環境) 70(1): 2-10.

Tomoyo Shibata, Keisuke Kojima, Sung Ae Lee and Hiroaki Furumai (2014) Model evaluation of faecal contamination in coastal areas affected by urban rivers receiving combined sewer overflows Press, Water Science & Technology, 70(3), 430-436.

Ai Hiramatsu, Kiyo Kurisu, Hiroshi Nakamura, Shuichi Teraki and Keisuke Hanaki (2014): Spillover Effect on Families Derived from Environmental Education for Children, Low Carbon Economy , Vol. 5, 40-50.

Thi Mai Thao Pham, Kiyo H. Kurisu and Keisuke Hanaki (2014): Evaluation of rice husk use scenarios incorporating stakeholders’ preferences revealed by Analytic Hierarchy Process in An Giang province, Vietnam, Low Carbon Economy, Vol. 5, 95-104.

Sora Yi, Kiyo Kurusu and Keisuke Hanaki (2014): Application of LCA by using midpoint and endpoint interpretations for urban solid waste management, Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol.5, 1091-1103.

平松 あい,花木 啓祐 (2014): 地域での環境教育におけるCO2排出削減量の包括的かつ定量的な算定モデルの提案-東京都文京区をケーススタディとして-, 土木学会論文集G(環境), Vol. 70, No. 6, II_69-II_80.


(2013年) 英16 和7

Jinyoung Kim and Hiroaki Furumai (2013) Improved calibration of a rainfall-pollutant-runoff model using turbidity and electrical conductivity as surrogate parameters for total nitrogen, Water and Environment Journal, Vol.27, No.1, pp.79-85.

Rajendra Khanal, Hiroaki Furumai and Fumiyuki Nakajima (2013) Toxicity assessment of size-fractionated urban road dust using ostracod Heterocypris incongruens direct contact test, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.264, pp.53-64.

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Parinda Thayanukul, Futoshi Kurisu, Ikuro Kasuga, Hiroaki Furumai (2013) Characterization of bacterial isolates from water reclamation systems on the basis of substrate utilization patterns and regrowth potential in reclaimed water, Water Science and Technology, Vol.68, No.7, pp.1556-1565.

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Tzu-Yi Pai, Keisuke Hanaki and Ren-Jie Chiou (2013): Forecasting Hourly Roadside Particulate Matter in Taipei County of Taiwan Based on First-Order and One-Variable Grey Model, CLEAN -- Soil, Air, Water, online available on 27 MAR 2013

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(2012年) 英3 和3

Watanabe H., Nakajima F., Furumai H. and Kasuga I. : Application of whole sediment toxicity identification evaluation procedures to road dust using a benthic ostracod Heterocypris incongruens, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Vol. 89, No. 1, pp. 245-251, 2012.

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(2011年) 英13 和5

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(2010年) 英18 和5

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(2009年) 英9 和7

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